Why learn a foreign language?

  1. To increase global understanding
  2. To improve employment potential
  3. To increase native language ability
  4. To sharpen cognitive and life skills
  5. To improve chances of entry into the university of your choice.
  6. To appreciate international literature, music, and film
  7. To make travel more feasible and enjoyable
  8. To expand study abroad options
  9. To increase understanding of our own and others’ cultures
  10. To make lifelong friends

To Have Fun!


Modern Foreign Languages at Roysia

Throughout the school, children are taught by specialist language teachers. We have native French speaker in year 5, so right from the very start children are taught to speak French as it is spoken in France, not from some dusty old text book!

Key Stage 2

In years 5 and 6 children benefit from French lessons twice a week – there is an awful lot of evidence to show that little and often is the best way to learn a language, so this is how we have arranged our timetable. We have to do some reading and writing, but the focus is very much on an aural / oral approach which is, after all, how we all learnt our first language! The lessons are taught in mixed ability class groups.

Key Stage 3

Years 7 and 8 bring new developments in our children’s language learning. The grammar gets rather more complex at this stage and children learn at different speeds and in different ways, so to help accommodate this we set the children for mfl in key stage 3. Spanish also makes an appearance. All students get 2 hours of French in 2 one hour lessons, and also 1 hour of Spanish.

We also enjoy a residential foreign trip to the north coast of France at the end of the summer term. This is not a heavily academic trip, but rather more focus is placed on the joy of learning a foreign language. Of course there are language tasks, but we also explore a market, visit a sea life centre, learn how to make croissants, baguettes and pains au chocolat! We discover the joys of handmade chocolates and spend an afternoon at a theme park.   Keeping our feet on the ground and reminding ourselves how lucky we are to live in these times, we visit a wonderfully peaceful and beautiful military cemetery, giving ourselves time to reflect and contemplate. The evenings are filled with eating at the hotel and playing games on the beach. For many of our children this is their first experience of being abroad or staying away from home, all agree that is the best of school trips!