Key Stage 3 Humanities


Key Stage 3 Geography Curriculum at Roysia


Year 7

Autumn:  Demographics; Population and migration

Spring:    Advanced Map skills   Developments in farming

Summer:  Environmental concerns

Year 8

Autumn:   Urban Geography

Spring:     Rivers and flooding

Summer:  Record breakers


Key Stage 3 History Curriculum at Roysia


 Year 7

 Autumn:   Medieval Realms Capture and Control

Artefact project

Spring:     How people lived in medieval times

Visit from Pastalive

Autumn:   The importance of the Church in medieval Times


 Year 8

Autumn:   Black People of The Americas

Spring:     The Making of the U.K

Visit from Pastalive

Summer:  The Indigenous people of North America


Key Stage 3 RE Curriculum at Roysia


Year 7

Autumn:   Who am I?   God for all faiths

Spring:     The nature of God in Sikhism and Islam   Jesus, man or god?

Summer:   Comparing Sikhism and Islam

Love and justice for Christians

 Year 8

Autumn:   What makes us act? Ethics

The Matrix – What is Reality?

Spring:     The Holocaust

Buddhism and suffering

Summer:   The Holocaust

Islam and the struggle