Art News

At the end of the summer term Roysia artists welcomed Colin Littlefair from Stevenage Glass to the school to see our newest mural, a giant chameleon created with spray paints.  The chameleon was designed and made entirely by pupils working at Art Club and symbolises the ability to adapt with resilience to a changing world.  
Stevenage Glass kindly sponsored the project by donating a huge acrylic sheet for our artists to work on.  Mr Littlefair not inly remarked on how impressive the final artwork is, but told us that Roysia was the first ever client who had used the company’s products in this way! 

If you know of any local company who would be interested in sponsoring a school arts project, have some interesting materials you could donate or know of a community art project that needs some enthusiastic young artists, please get in touch with the Leader of Art at Roysia, Mrs Elaine Baigent via email,uk.